TouJours Create Category and Tags


How do I get my menu to work?

First: categories!

Learn the different ways to add categories so you can create a menu item using those categories.

In addition, the use of tags is also explained.

Categories and tags help with the organization of your blog.

Category: an overall summary word for a topic your blog frequently covers. An example for this blog is “Tech Practice.” Most of my posts show a particular practice in WordPress or other tool used with WordPress [ like YouTube or Thinglink]. This post will be in the category “Theme customization.”

Tag: a detail word that describes the details in a particular post. For this post which is in category “Theme customization,” the details are toujours, tag, category, and menu.

Look at the bottom [sometimes top in other themes] of this post to find the tags and categories for this post.

Notice when you choose a category or tag how the URL changes.  You can use that URL to create a link in a post as well.  For instance, a tag for these Toujours post is “toujours.”

Here is a URL link to all posts tagged “toujours.” Take a look at the URL to see how the ‘tag’ helped find all those posts.

This video uses  The Toujours theme by Automattic.


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