TouJours Create Menu



How do I add a menu using my categories?

This video shows how using The Toujours theme by Automattic, but will other themes will follow the same process. To review how to create categories [and tags], click here.

toujours menusSome themes allow for more than one menu; this video focuses on the “primary” menu. The TouJours them also has a Social Media menu, which you can see in the sidebar. I added the custom widget, choose the social media menu, and added the links to my profiles in each of those items. Always check for the Save / Publish buttons! 🙂

toujours social media menu.png

While this video explains creating a menu with categories, you can also create a menu from a ‘tag’ using that tag’s URL in the “custom URL” area of the menu choices. Notice that you can create a menu from pages [See About and Notes in this menu] and from posts:

menu menu.png

In the image below, notice that some of these menu items are “nestled” under another menu item.  Just click and drag them around to create a logical organization for your posts.

menu structure.png

A final note: the video shows the two different areas of ‘menu’ creation, since WordPress has an older method and newer method available.

Once the idea and process for menus, categories, and tags are understood, use of them in any theme will help you organize your blog posts for your reader.



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