TouJours Featured Slideshow

A fantastic feast for your readers can be created in this, The Toujours theme by Automattic, and other themes through the use of a featured image slideshow from which readers can directly click to your chosen posts.  This theme allows for eight such slides.

toujours slideshow

This video shows you how, and it’s not as difficult as you would think. If you’ve learned about the categories, tags, and menus, you’ll find this relatively easy!





I followed the directions from the  theme’s home page:

Customize –> “featured content”

toujours theme slidewhow.png

Entered a ‘tag’ for the featured content; it seemed obvious to name it ‘featured image,’ and I hid it as well since it’s just for my organization of the slideshow.

toujours theme slideshow featured.png

Next, choose the posts you want features — quick edit each one to add the tag name you chose for this feature. You can see I’ve done that in this post:

toujours posts featured image tag.png

Update the slideshow by changing the blog posts tags.

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